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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to wait for Self-Guided Tours to be activated to tour a home?

No. You can apply now to get pre-approved. We do private in-person & video-phone showings for pre-approved applicants.


If I apply for a home & someone else rents it before I complete the process, can I use my application for another home?

Definitely! Applications can be used for any property and are good for any property, for 60 days from the date submitted.


Can you lower the rent?

The property owner sets the rent. We do not negotiate. If the home doesn't rent for the advertised rent, the homeowner can lower the rent. The rent amount will be updated on our vacancies page, so it's fair for all applicants.

How do you keep my info private?

First, we use appfolio property manager for software. They are a publicly traded stock company with usual data security protocols you would expect.

What is the minimum lease term?

All new leases are annual. If you need a rental for less than a year, you can do a Mid-Lease Move-Out. You'll pay a one month fee to start the process and we'll market the home to find  replacement tenant. Once the new tenant begins to pay rent, etc., then you stop paying.

Do you accept Zillow applications?

No we do not. Click APPLY NOW on our vacancies page.

Can I pay a deposit now and move in next month?

If you want to reserve the home, you need to start paying rent when the home becomes available. If it's vacant, that will be two days after the Lease Processing Call.

Do you take Section 8?

No, we do not accept Section 8.

Can I rent a home that's on the Waitlist?

Submit your rental applications on our vacancies page, get pre-approved, and we'll do a personal showing so you can see it before you sign a lease.

Can you make an exception to the qualifications?

We do not make exceptions to the Qualifications and Income requirements.

Do I have to tour a property before renting it?

Yes. We require you tour the property. You can wait for the home to go vacant to do a self-guided tour, or apply to get pre-approved and we'll give you a private in-person (or virtual tour for out-of-state applicants) so you can rent the home before it goes vacant.

Other question?

If you have a question not answered on this page, please call our office and leave a voicemail with your specific question. We will update the above so everyone can benefit, and text you the above.

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