Proof of Income


No exceptions

Read the details, then click to upload proof of income at the bottom of this page 


  • Applicants must be currently employed.

  • Applicants must document that their total annual household income exceeds:

    • Current Year - 3 times rent (2.5 times rent for those without dependents)

    • Last Year - 2.5 times rent (2 times rent for those without dependents)

    • Previous Year (only required when applying Jan through April)

  • We only accept the following proof of income:

    • Tax returns

    • W2's

    • December pay-stubs showing YTD (Year To Date)

    • To include veterans benefits, child support, alimony, or social security, we need a legal document from the agency that governs.

  • Current year income increase (Raise) - If your income increased this year, we can go off the new income provided that you have proof of the increase on a recent pay stub and you have been employed at that job for 6 months or longer. 

  • For self-employed applicants who do not receive W2 paychecks, net income listed on the tax return is used for qualification. If your business files a separate tax return, we can add the retained earnings listed on the corporate return. In this case, upload articles of incorporation and your annual statement of information.

  • Cash income is not counted unless it was declared on your tax return.
  • Unemployment assistance is not considered income in our calculation above. 

  • Income from ex-roommates, ex-husbands, or ex-wives cannot be included unless they apply and will live in the home.

  • For Applicants relocating from another city/state, an Offer Letter from the new employer in this area is required to prove you will be employed upon arriving in our area.  The offer letter must state your new monthly/annual salary or hourly wage and hours promised and satisfy the below income requirement. If you plan to keep your current job after relocating we need some documentation to prove the current income will continue.


  • Applicants that do not have traditional income may be approved by submitting a bank statement or investment account that shows you have three years rent in reserves.

  • Also attach a signed authorization letter that will allow us to contact your bank to verify funds.


Proof of income is not required during the months when Applicant attended college but only if the Applicant:

  • Uploads college diploma.

  • Uploads college transcripts.

  • Began working less than thirty-days after graduation.

  • Offer letter from your new employer that states annual salary or hourly wages & guaranteed hours per week.

  • Current employment meets the income requirements.


  • Do not upload documents until you have submitted your online application.

  • Use this button to attach additional documents to you rental application.

  • Please do not add duplicates. 

  • Please gather all your documents and upload in a single submission.