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Insurance Requirements

Additional Insured Status

Our management agreement requires each landlord to provide a certificate of insurance listing the manager as additional insured.

RELOGIC, Inc.; DBA: and its affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, parent corporations, owners, dba’s, directors, officers, employees, agents, and representatives. 

49 Buttonwood Drive #B

Jackson, TN 38305 

No Insurance Fee

To motivate landlords to satisfy the insurance requirement set forth in the management agreement, our system automatically applies a $19 No Insurance Fee per rental unit, per month for those properties that do not provide the required documents. 

Sample Cert

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Before uploading, please review your documents and confirm the following requirements:


Upload Certificate of Insurance
Upload Additional Insured Endorsement

Trouble Getting a Cert Issued?

This should be quick, easy & free. 

If you have any trouble getting a cert, call our agent.

Travis Brockett

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