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Mid-Lease Move-Out

Frequently Asked Questions

What will it cost to move before my lease expires?

  • If you are in the middle of your first lease term, you pay a Mid-Lease Move-Out Fee that's equal to one month's total charges (rent, pet rent, etc.)

  • If you have renewed your lease one or more times, there is a $500 Mid-Lease Move-Out Fee.

When can I Stop Paying Rent?

You keep paying rent, utilities, lawn service, etc. until a qualified and approved replacement tenant signs a lease, begins paying rent equal to or greater than the rent amount listed on your lease. 

How long will it take to secure a replacement tenant?

Someone may sign a lease before you move out or it could take several weeks or months.  Historically, we find a replacement tenant with little to no vacancy but there's no guarantee.  Supply and demand change daily.

How much notice is required

There's no time requirement.  You can submit the Mid-Lease Move-Out anytime and we'll begin the process.  This is because you will keep paying rent until the next tenant takes over.  The more notice you give, the less vacancy you'll pay for.

When do you start showings?

We wait until you move out to install a Rently lockbox for Self-Guided Tours. 

If you want to help with showings before you move, you can sign up after you complete your move-out request and pay the Mid-Lease Move-Out Fee. ​

Are there special rules for the replacement tenant?

No. All rules are the same for all new applicants and are published on: Qualify

What happens if the home sits vacant?

You keep paying rent.  Homes rent at their own pace.

Will the rent be the same?

The Manager reserves the right to determine the current market rent.  Market Rent is often different than the current rent.

What is the length of the Lease for the replacement Tenant?

The lease for the replacement tenant may need to be shorter or longer than 12 months to keep the lease expiration dates during a favorable time of the year.

Can I find a replacement tenant?

Definitely.  If you find someone who's interested, refer them to our website.  

Can I transfer to another home you manage?

Yes but your must qualify for that property.

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Other than the above, the procedures are the same.  

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