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Certain pages on our website are for members only. 

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Not Getting Emails from Appfolio?


What is an email Blacklist?

Occasionally, an email is added to the AppFolio "blacklist." That is a list of email addresses that AppFolio will not send emails to. This can happen if you unsubscribed, an email sent by AppFolio to you bounced, or other technical reasons.




If you can't get emails from appfolio,

  1. See if the emails are in your junk/spam folder & unmark it as spam (if possible).

  2. Save "" and "" as contacts in the your email system.

  3. Submit the form below to have appfolio remove your email from their blacklist.

Blacklist Removal Request

If you tried to reset your appfolio password but you're not getting the email from appfolio, then you're probably on their email blacklist. Submit the form below to remove your email from their list.

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