Payment Options


View Full Account Ledger in your Online Portal

  1. Log in to your online portal

  2. Click PAYMENTS


  4. On a cell phone, click the "+" to expand and show details

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  • Rent is due on the 1st of the month for all tenants.​

  • Our software automatically applies a 10% late fee to any unpaid amount on the 5th at midnight.

  • Late fees are non-refundable and cannot be waived for any reason.


This process applies to every tenant without exception

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The ability to pay online is a privilege that's available for those that pay on time every month.  Everyone else must pay in cash. The humans in our organization are not authorized to accept payments of any kind.  Payment must be made in your online portal or with cash using PayNearMe

  • eCheck - Free

  • ​Debit Card - $9.99 fee

  • ​Credit Card - 2.9% fee


In the following situations, tenants are required to pay in cash:  ​

  1. During a Move-In, if you plan to get the keys less than 7 days from the date of your first payment

  2. If you bounce a check

  3. If you have a balance due that is more than 10 days late.

After 3 consecutive months of on-time payments, you can request reactivation.  Call our office and choose the option to reactivate online payables and leave a voicemail for our processor.  You'll get a text confirmation once processed. 

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  • $30 NSF Fee will be added to any payment returned for Non-Sufficient Funds regardless of the reason including but not limited to entering incorrect banking info when paying online. 

  • It generally takes a week to be notified of a returned payment.  That probably means rent will be late and 10% late fees will be applied.  We recommend paying rent a week early to avoid this. 


These are the options if your church, a family member, or anyone who's not on the lease wants to pay your rent:

  • Give them a PayNearMe Cash Pay Slip.  They then take green cash to the CVS store and pay without any other actions or liability.

  • If they would rather write a check, have them write the check to you, deposit the check in your account, and then you pay your rent in Appfolio.

  • We cannot grant them access to your online portal but you can share your password.  Then they can log in and make a payment using their account info.  We do not recommend sharing your login.  You will be doing this at your own risk. If you share your password, we recommend you immediately change your password once they pay.  

  • We can add them to the lease, but then they would need to apply, pay application fees, qualify and sign a lease.  Then they will be financially responsible.


  • Tenants are responsible for activating, updating, and deactivating auto-pay.  The Manager has no control of this feature.

  • ​Don't forget that you set up auto-pay and also pay manually.  The system will sweep the payments exactly as you program regardless if you made an additional payment.  

  • ​If you set up two auto-pays, AppFolio will charge twice.


  • If you accidentally pay twice, you will not lose the money. ​The system will automatically apply the funds to future bills.

  • Under the Payments tab, click View Full Account Ledger to see the funds are on your account. ​

  • ​We can not issue refunds because the payment will take 2 weeks to clear at the bank + 1 week for processing and mail time.  By then next month's rent will be due.