How to Qualify

The following applies to all applicants

No exceptions


  • The minimum age to rent a single-family residence or duplex is age 21. Ages 21 to 24 may be required to purchase a renters bond based on property.

  • The minimum age to rent a multi-family unit is age 23. 


  • Each adult who will reside in the home more than 7 nights per calendar year must submit an application on our website, pay the application fee, meet all the qualifications listed on this page, and pass the background check.

  • We do not run background checks until applications for all adults that will reside in the home have been submitted

  • Valid ID must be attached for all those over age 18.

  • Dependents:

    • Each dependent age 18-69 must complete a rental application, qualify in terms of credit, criminal and eviction history, and be listed on the guardian's tax return

    • Dependents over age 70 do not need to apply.


The Application fee is non-refundable.  It's Applicant's responsibility to read this page and ask questions before applying.



We take the first qualified and approved, individual or family (hereafter referred to as Applicant) who is ready to sign a lease, pay the deposit by the end of the day after the lease was created, and begin paying rent when the home becomes available. If multiple Applicants are approved simultaneously, then the highest financially qualified Applicant, in terms of credit, income, and financial reserves will have the first opportunity provided that they take action. We do not reserve homes or apartment units. 



We do not accept credit reports submitted by applicants. We pull credit, criminal, and eviction background checks through our software vendor which is connected with Experian. The two other credit reporting agencies may have higher or lower scores but we don't consider those scores. This is a "hard inquiry" on your credit. If that is not acceptable, do not submit a rental application.


  • Closed bankruptcies are OK.

  • Open bankruptcies are automatic decline.



We do not accept co-signers.


Vehicles used, insured, or registered for commercial use or vehicles that display commercial placards or wraps are expressly prohibited from being operated, stored, or parked at Property for any length of time.


Proof of income is not required during the months when Applicant attended college but only if the Applicant:

  • Uploads college diploma.

  • Uploads college transcripts.

  • Began working less than thirty-days after graduation.

  • Offer letter from your new employer that states annual salary or hourly wages & guaranteed hours per week.

  • Current employment meets the income requirements.

When there are multiple adults in the household, we use the lowest credit score for qualification purposes.


We pull criminal background checks for all applicants and those with criminal activity will be denied. This requirement does not constitute a guarantee or representation that those currently residing in our homes and apartments have not been convicted of, or are subject to deferred adjudication for a felony or sex offense requiring registration under applicable law. There may be Residents that have resided in one of our homes before this requirement went into effect; additionally, our ability to verify this information is limited to the information made available to us by the background services used and at the time the background check was pulled.


Applicants are automatically declined if any eviction activity is found on the background check, regardless of the date, judgment results, or judgment amount. That means if an eviction has been filed against you, your application will be declined even if the case was dismissed.


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We require applicants to complete an in-person inspection before leasing a property. 


At all times during this Lease Agreement, each person listed on the lease is required to maintain Renters Insurance with a $100,000 minimum Limit of Liability and upload Evidence of Insurance in the Resident's online portal. If insurance coverage expires at any time during this lease, Lessee will be in breach of the Lease Agreement, a $19 penalty per month will be imposed for any month that Evidence of Renters Insurance was not provided. This is per property, not per Resident. If 2 or 3 carry insurance, the one that does not will result in a $19 fee for the property.  

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We hire professionals to clean the carpets and detail the home so we can present a clean home for those that move in next. The expense is billed to the exiting tenant. Cleaning expense changes over time based on the pricing of our cleaning subcontractor. Current pricing can be found on:
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  • The maximum occupancy is one more human than the number of bedrooms in the home/apartment.

  • If two of the humans are under age 10, then you can have two more humans than the bedroom count. 


Any outstanding debt to a landlord at the time of the initial background check is an automatic decline. Paying off the balance will not result in approval.


If pets are allowed at a property it will be stated in the rental ad on our vacancies page. 

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  • Applicants wanting to get pre-approved so they are ready to execute when new vacancies post are welcome to apply for any property and write in the comments what you are looking for.

  • You can then have the opportunity to rent the upcoming vacancies before they go on the market.


Tenants are welcome to pay rent in advance but that does not change any of the underwriting guidelines on this page or result in discounted rent.


We don't reserve homes. We take the first qualified individual or family that signs a lease, pays the deposit & is willing to start paying rent when the home becomes available. If there are multiple applicants interested in the same property, we take the highest qualifying individual or family.


Retired or financially free - Applicants with cash reserves that exceed 3 years rent must:

  • Upload original PDF of a financial statement showing that balance & sign an authorization letter produced by your financial institution so we can verify funds.

  • If you are selling your home and proceeds have not arrived, the closing statement from the attorney or title company will work in place of the bank statement. Provided we can verify with the attorney or title company.


We do not accept section 8 or government assistance vouchers



The Security Deposit is based on the lowest credit score of all applicants in the household.

  • 700 to 800:  1 Month paid upfront

  • 600 to 699:  1 month paid upfront + a second month paid in 10 equal monthly installments*

  • 550 to 599:  1 month paid upfront + a second month paid in 5 equal monthly installments*

  • 500 to 549:  2 months paid upfront + a second month paid in 10 equal monthly installments*

  • 450 to 599:  3 months paid upfront

  • 449 or lower:  Declined

*$20 billing fee per installment​


Smoking is not permitted inside any of our homes or apartments.

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Anyone that will reside in the home more than 14 days per calendar year must apply and qualify. If we discover someone in the home that is not on the lease, everyone in the home will be asked to leave voluntarily or evicted and there will be an immediate $100 monthly Unauthorized Occupant Fee charged to the Tenant until this is resolved. There are no second chances with unauthorized residents. We perform quarterly maintenance on every home so you can't get around this.

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We don't have a waiting list. If you see a home or apartment listed on our vacancies page, then it is available to rent.

Working From Home

Telecommuting, computer, or clerical work is allowed. All other business activity is not allowed.

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We have a zero-tolerance drug, violence, and criminal activity policy at all properties. That means, that if anyone on our team witnesses or suspects illegal activity, they are required to notify law enforcement. Also, if