The days of having 20 humans waiting at 20 registers to scan your groceries are long gone.  19 out of 20 registers are Self Checkout. The employees do other tasks: order products, stock shelves, administration, etc.  They just automated the check-out process.

We have automated the application process: Choose a home, let yourself in for a self-guided tour, and & apply online using the process below.  Don't worry, we also have a team of humans...

  • Once approved, you'll speak with our Onboarding Tech to process the lease.

  • Then our Coordinator will meet you at the home to get you the keys.

  • After your Move-In, our Maintenance Techs make repairs as needed.


How to

Rent a Home


STEP 1 - Read How to Qualify

Read How to Qualify before you apply because the application fees are non-refundable.  

How to Qualify

Pet Policy

​STEP 2 - Search Vacancies

If it's not listed on this page, it's not available.

Search Vacancies

STEP 3 - Schedule a Showing, Self-Guided-Tour, or Virtual Tour 


    • Schedule a showing in the rental ad on our vacancies page.

    • If there are no time slots available right now then the home has restricted viewing. That's either because it's still occupied or under construction. Click the MOVE AVAILABLE DAYS button a few times to see future availability. Also, check back at least weekly for any changes. We update showing availability as things develop.

    • If you would prefer not to wait for the home to be vacant, submit your rental applications and once approved we can meet you there for an in person or virtual tour. 

    • When you schedule a showing, our software will text you to confirm the showing 2 hours before. If you don't reply with the exact word "confirm", then the computer will cancel the showing.

    • If this is a self-guided showing, shortly after confirming the appointment, the computer will text you a code to the lockbox which is usually on the front door.  Watch how to open a CodeBox


    • We offer virtual tours to approved applicants.

    • To get approved, continue to Step 4.

    • Once your applications are approved, we will text you a link to schedule a Virtual Tour. 

    • We will go to the property and video call you from WhatsApp, Google Duo, etc.

    • If you like the home, ​you can sign a lease and pay a deposit to reserve the home.

STEP 4 - Apply Online

  • Click the APPLY NOW button next to the property you want to rent on our vacancies page.

  • Submit one application per adult.

  • Use a unique email address for each applicant.

STEP 5 - Upload Proof of Income

If you didn't attach proof of income for 2020, 2021, & 2022 to your application, use these links to upload documents:

Upload Proof of Income​

STEP 6 - Application Review

  • It generally takes 5-7 business days to review proof of income but those with simple, organized proof of income for all three years, uploaded in a single submission processed quicker. 

  • Unorganized submissions take more time to process. 

  • Once we have proof of income that meets the qualifications, we can pull background checks.

  • You'll get a text with "Approved" or "Denied" once we receive the results.

    • IF APPROVED:  

      • The email will contain the password to PHASE 2: Leasing.

      • Applicants who have been approved are eligible for in-person or virtual showings at properties that are not ready for self-guided tours.  In other words, getting pre-approved allows you to preview properties and lease properties before they are available to those that have not yet applied.

    • IF DENIED:

      • For security reasons, we are not authorized to discuss info on background checks.

      • Click this link if you would like us to mail you a copy of your Background Check.