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Tips to Avoid Rental Scams

Security Alarms in all Vacancies


Because of scammers, we now install alarm systems in our vacancies.

Alarms are connected to a central monitoring station which notifies the police & our local coordinator.

To tour a vacant property, call our office (731) 206-4744 and Brian will meet you in-person to give you the keys & the alarm code.

A valid ID is required.​

Best Practices

Only rent from a business that holds a real estate license​

  • Scammers are not licensed.

  • For example, you can look up our license using the following info:

    • Enter Profession:  Real Estate Firms

    • Enter License #:  263871 

Tennessee License lookup

Don't search on craigslist or Facebook market place

  • Every person who alerted us that they were scammed found the home on craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

  • We do not advertise on these platforms.

Never pay with Venmo, Cash App, wire, etc.

  • Anyone, including those in other counties can use venmo and there are no protections.

  • Only pay your rent & deposit through a major property management software like appfolio.

Common Scam


Victims have told us how they get scammed. We can't do anything except educate you. There are many scams. Here's one example...

  1. Criminals copy pictures from a real rental home online.

  2. Criminal posts a fake ad on Craigslist or Facebook marketplace.

  3. Criminals steal the keys, breaks the locks off the house, or rekey the locks on a vacant home that's actually for rent.

  4. Criminal installs a lockbox so the victim can get the keys without meeting the criminal in person.

  5. Criminal tells victim that they can't meet in person because [insert lies here].

  6. Criminal tells victim send a deposit through Venmo, Cash App, etc.

  7. Criminal disconnects burner phone...

If you're caught up in a scam

Call the police. 


The info you provide the police may help prevent someone else from losing money.

Unfortunately, all we can do is educate.

We hope folks read this page and watch out for scammers. 

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