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  • Renters Insurance |

    Renters Insurance No Insurance Fee A $19 No Insurance Fee is billed when one or more tenants in the property have not uploaded acceptable proof of Renters Insurance in Appfolio, regardless of whether the Tenant has insurance or not. In other words, the Fee is charged for not uploading proof of the coverage you have purchased. Tenants are responsible for uploading documents. The No Insurance Fee is non-refundable once billed to the tenant's account. The fee is automatically charged once a policy expires. The Tenant is responsible for uploading the renewal documents before the policy expires. Submit Documents That Will Be Approved ​ ACCEPTABLE ​ Policy Declaration Page Certificate of Liability Insurance ​ UNACCEPTABLE Binders Screenshots Receipts ​ MUST CONTAIN ALL THE FOLLOWING Name of each person on the lease as a "Named Insured" Property Address Apartment # if applicable Carrier name Policy number Liability limit Expiration Date Common Reasons Documents Are Declined Uploading auto insurance instead of renters insurance ​ The name of someone on the lease is not listed as "Named Insured" on the insurance document ​ Uploading current term instead of the renewal term Tech Support Document Processing PROCESSING Within one week after the Policy Declaration Page is uploaded, the system will email notice that the documents were approved or declined. ​ TROUBLE UPLOADING If you don't get an email within 7 business days, then we didn't get your upload. Login and upload the documents again. We get insurance uploads every week, so we know the system works. We have researched tech support issues multiple times and it has always been "user error". Keep trying until you figure it out. Use a different computer, phone, tablet and try different browsers. There's no cost to upload so you can keep trying until you figure it out. Manager does not have access to login into your portal. ​ ​ If you can't figure out how to use your online portal, you can hire one of our tech-savvy maintenance techs to drive to your home and (using your device) upload your documents. Just gather your documents and then submit a maintenance request that you need help uploading proof of insurance. Standard hourly rates apply which include drive time. ​ Hire Us Manager Does Not Provide Insurance Coverage The No Insurance Fee is a Lease Violation Fee charged to the Tenant as a penalty for not being in compliance with the lease agreement. This does not in any way provide insurance coverage; and does not waive Manager, Landlord, or their insurance carrier's right to recover damages from the Resident that would have otherwise been afforded by the Resident's Renters Insurance policy had the Resident carried insurance as required by this lease. More info is on our Tenant page TENANTS

  • Late & Evictions |

    Late & Eviction Procedures DEADLINES RENT DUE (1st of the month) ​ Rent is due on the 1st of the month for all tenants, regardless of when the lease begins ​ ​ LATE (5th at Midnight) ​ 10% Late Fee is applied to unpaid balances on the 5th of the month at midnight ​ ​ EVICTIONS (10th at Midnight) ​ The system initiates the Evictions Process at midnight on the 10th of the month and bills a $300 fee. If unpaid by the 13th at midnight, the system alerts the eviction attorney who bills an additional fee. Shortly thereafter, the paperwork is filed at the court. ​ ​ COLLECTIONS (30 Days Late) ​ Any balance not paid after 30 days is submitted to collections as per the procedures below ​ NO EXCEPTIONS After the 10th You Must Pay in Cash Online payments are automatically disabled for Tenants with an unpaid balance as of the 10th of the month. Tenants must now pay with green cash. After 3 consecutive months of on-time payments, we can reactivate online payables. Call the office and choose that option to leave a voicemail for our processor to "reactivate online payables." How to Pay in Cash Questions About a Charge or Your Balance? If you have questions about the balance due, view your Account Ledger in Appfolio VIEW ACCOUNT LEDGER If you know you can't pay , Move immediately We recommend you vacate immediately if you know you will not be able to pay. We've never lost a case & the collections company garnishes wages. MOVE NOW Eviction Cost The below applies to all tenants without delay or exception ​ Processing Fees and Attorney Fees are charged at midnight on the date below ​ If your balance is paid in full at any stage of this process, then the process will be canceled but the fees are non-refundable once charged. ​ Once the eviction is filed at the court, the eviction will be on your background for 7 years, even if the case is dropped. ​ Once the eviction process begins, a lease renewal will not be offered to the Tenant. MADISON COUNTY ​ DATE AMT FEE ​ 10th $300 Eviction Processing Fee ​ 13th $250 Eviction Attorney Fee ​ 13th $175-225 Court Filing Fee ​ ??? $500 Court Appearance Fee (Billed per appearance) ​ ​ GIBSON COUNTY ​ DATE AMT FEE ​ 10th $300 Eviction Processing Fee ​ 13th $400 Eviction Attorney Fee ​ 13th $??? Court Filing Fee (Exact amount billed by the court) ​ ???? $500 Court Appearance Fee (Billed per appearance) No Exceptions Collections Accounts with a balance due over 30 days old are submitted to the collections company, Hunter Warfield . There is a $300 administrative fee billed to the tenant at this time and a 40% markup is added to the total balance due to pay for the commission charged by Hunter Warfield .

  • Account Ledger |

    Account Ledger "Your Current Balance" Ignore this section in Appfolio because it causes confusion How to View Account Ledger Click PAYMENTS Tab. Then click VIEW FULL ACCOUNT LEDGER . In mobile view, you'll need to also click the "+ " by each transaction to show the details. ​ Transaction Review Request Tenant First Name Tenant Last Name Address of Rental Transaction Date Transaction Amount (Must be exact) Copy and paste the Transaction Description Field Tell us what exactly needs to be updated. Be specific. I understand the bookkeeper can only review one specific tranaction per Request Form. I will submit another form if I need to review another transaction. I understand Appfolio does the math on the report so the math is accurate and th bookkeeper will not "double check" the math. I understand it's the tenants responsibility to do math using a calculator and the bookkeeper is not responsible to help with or teach math. I understand that if my request doesn't match and exact transaction on th Account Ledger, I will need to resubmit this request. I understand uses an independent bookkeeping firm and therefore Tenants cannot to speak to them directly I understand that if the bookkeeper does not understand my question, I will need to submit another Transaction Review Request to clarify. I understand if I submit a request for anything othe than review of a specific transaction, this request will be deleted. I understand there is a 7-10 day response time REQUEST SENT SUBMIT

  • Property Management Services in Jackson, TN

    Why Hire Us Property Management Solutions for Jackson, TN Owning a rental property is a great way to make some easy income. However, managing that property can be a challenge, especially if you have multiple properties you're trying to keep track of. is a professional rental property manager in Jackson, TN, so that you can relax and enjoy passive income while we take care of the management side of things for you. Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager You may think that hiring property management services isn't worth the money, but there are several factors that make the investment worthwhile. First, we offer different plans with different prices so that you can get the services you need for a price that you'll love. Second, property management comes with a whole host of benefits that you won't get otherwise: You get marketing: With our help, you can market and advertise your property on dozens of websites. This helps spread the word about your property and minimizes vacancy time, which saves you money. You get the right tenants: Dealing with troublesome tenants is a pain, so let us screen potential tenants for you. We do credit, criminal, and background checks on all applicants to ensure that anyone who moves in will treat your property with respect. You don't have to worry: Our team handles everything from the initial setup services, such as tours, lease preparation, and rekey services, to the management services, such as billing, direct deposits, and monthly statements. Our plus and premium plans come with even better features, such as quarterly maintenance inspections and eviction protection. ​ Enjoy the benefits of renting out your properties without any of the hassle. Benefits of Hiring Us We take pride in offering reliable, transparent, and professional services for our clients. We are dedicated to quality property management, and we guarantee that you'll love working with us. Give us a call at (731) 410-7800 to get started.


    Website Password Request Website Password Request Form Tenant First Name Tenant Last Name Address of Rental Property I need a password to one of the pages on the website: I understand this request form is not for Appfolio passwords. I understand that Passwords are only provided to current tenants and approved applicants. I understand that the processor will text password to the phone number listed in my tenant profile in Appfolio. I understand that I will not get a responce, if I am not a current tenant or approved applicant. Please allow 3-5 days for our processor to text the password. Request sent SUBMIT

  • Referrals |

    Refer a Home to Manage We pay $500 referral fee Call in the referral or submit below Agent name Agent phone Agent email Landlord name Landlord phone Landlord email Address of rental Form Sent! Thank you! Submit

  • Suggestions |

    Website Suggestions Suggestion Form I understand that I cannot request a call using this form. I understand that I cannot request maintenance using this form. I understand this form is only for making suggestions to improve our website, procedures, and systems. To preserve the integrity of systems and procedures, the website developer will delete anything sent that is not a suggestion. If you are not suggesting an upgrade, please choose the correct method. Your name What if your suggestion about? arrow&v If you are reviewing our website, what's the title of the page (in the orange bar) Your suggestion: Upload Screenshot Upload Screenshot Upload Screenshot REQUEST SENT Submit

  • Property Management Services |

    Mission Statement Improving lives, one home at a time . When we acquired our first few homes in Jackson Tennessee, we struggled with property management companies. At first, was built to control the success and stability of our own real estate investment portfolio, but along the way, we realized it’s bigger than that. ​ We’ve heard from landlords and tenants about situations that caused major stress in their lives. We believe in a better way, an old-fashioned way of doing business, in which people take care of each other and handshakes matter. ​ Residents, owners, maintenance and managers. . . our team is built on solid relationships with quality people. Folks you can count on. People who do the right thing, when no one’s watching. When we unite people that share these beliefs, we end up improving lives, one home at a time. "Great service! I have been doing business with the owners of this company for nearly 30 years and have never been dissatisfied. This is a team that you can trust. Brian Hood Investor / Real Estate Broker More Testimonials

  • Service Plans |

    Service Plans No Cost to Signup STANDARD PLAN Always included: Advertising on 40+ Websites Paid Premium Listings on Zillow Virtual Tours Self-Guided Showings Professional Application Screening Established Underwriting Guidelines Credit, Criminal, Eviction Background checks Lease Preparation Move-In / Move-Out Coordination Online Access Paperless (Online Document Storage) Direct Deposit of Rent Monthly Statements Rekey locks at move-in and move-out for $4 per key 89 $ 99 Per unit, per month* 199 $ 99 Lease Up Fee PLUS PLAN Includes all features of the Standard Plan in addition to Quarterly Maintenance Inspections using our 100 point checklist Rent Ready Inspections In-Person Showings during 30-days prior to move-out 119 $ 99 Per unit, per month* 99 $ 99 Lease Up Fee PREMIUM PLAN Includes all features of the Standard & Plus Plans in addition the following Eviction Protection Annual Owner Statement Custom Reports Mortgage Bill-Pay Property Tax Bill-Pay 149 $ 99 0 $ 00 Lease Up Fee Per unit, per month* Easy to Switch call for THE passworD then click signup (731) 410-7800 SIGNUP NOW Plan Details STANDARD PLAN ALWAYS INCLUDED:​ ​ ​ Advertising on 40+ Websites Vacancies are advertising on over 40 different websites! ​ Paid Premium Listings on Zillow We pay for marketing on Zillow to get the best exposure Virtual Tours If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million! This allows applicants to preview before scheduling an appointment. ​ Self-Guided Showings Our digital lockboxes produce one-day codes that allow applicants to tour vacant properties from 7am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Occupied homes require in-person showings. ​ Self-Guided Showings Enter your answer here ​ Credit, Criminal, and Eviction Background checks" We don't just check credit. We pull criminal and eviction backgrounds too! ​ Lease Preparation Applicants can click-to-sign our attorney reviewed lease 24/7 ​ Coordination of Tenants for Move-In Great tenants aren't born. They are developed. We educate our tenants on how to properly care for the building materials that are present in each home. ​ Online Access for Owner & Tenant Secure login with Two-Factor Authentication Direct Deposit of Rent Direct deposit of rent by the 15th of the month Monthly Statements Clean and concise Owner Statements copies of receipts and with links to watch videos of the work performed ​ Online Document Storage We store all your documents in a single location and give you 24/7 access ​ ​ Rekey locks between tenants We rekey Kwikset Smart Locks after every move-in & move-out PLUS PLAN INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING IN ADDITION TO THE STANDARD PLAN FEATURES: ​ Quarterly Maintenance Inspections Our Preventive Maintenance Inspection helps identify issues before they become problems. We post the completed checklist and a video in your portal to share the findings. There's no guarantee we'll catch everything because some issues don't surface until it's too late, but these inspections have saved us tens of thousands on our own rental portfolio and we're confident they will work for your rental home too. ​ Pre-Move-Out Inspections The goal of the Rent Ready Inspection is to minimize vacancy during turnover. Once a move-out notice is received, we inspect the home with the tenant to identify repairs that need to be addressed before move-out. This increases out chances of having the home in a "Rent Ready" (move-in) condition the day after they move out. ​ In-Person Showings The goal of in-person showing is to reduce vacancy. If substantial changes aren't required, we will show a property in-person during the last 30 days of a tenant's lease. This helps us find the next tenant with less vacancy then when we wait for the tenant to move out first. If a qualified applicant has not signed a lease by the time the home becomes vacant, we will install a CodeBox lockbox and allow self-guided showings. PREMIUM PLAN INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING PLUS EVERYTHING IN THE STANDARD AND PLUS PLANS: ​ Eviction Protection Expenses add up during an eviction: Delinquency, repairs, court fees, attorney fees, etc. We can't pay the rent or repairs, but we pay attorney fees and court costs associated with an uncontested eviction. Only available for tenants that have undergone our screening process. Mortgage Bill-Pay Now that you get custom monthly reports, we tie it all together by paying the mortgage and tax bills, so all expenses appear on a single Owner Statement for your CPA. Landlord is responsible for verifying that the mortgage company will accept checks by mail, without the monthly statement. We write the loan # and property address in the memo so they can identify. So far all banks have approved this. Property Tax Bill-Pay When we pay the property taxes, that expense lands on your reports! everything in a single place. Custom Reports Get custom reports that your CPA and bankers will love like Rent Rolls, etc. Annual Owner Statement In addition to the monthly Owner Statements, we will publish an annual Owner Statement to your portal. This reduces the work on required by you and your CPA. Easy to Switch call for THE passworD then click signup (731) 410-7800 SIGNUP NOW

  • Climate Control |

    Temp Climate Control We install portable AC units and heaters when the HVAC goes out. This keeps our tenants comfortable and buy us time to repair or replace a failing HVAC unit. Portable AC Units 12,000 BTU 115-Volt Dehumidifier Function and Remote Control $15 per item, per day Window AC Units * 8000 BTU * Cools small to medium rooms up to 340 sq. ft. (17’ x 20’ size) * 3 Cooling & 3 Fan Speeds with Auto Cool $10 per item, per day Portable Oil Filled Heaters * Features 3 heat setting controls for optimal comfort * Includes carry handle and wheels for increased portability $5 per item, per day