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  • Property Management Services in Jackson, TN

    Why Hire Us Property Management Solutions for Jackson, TN Owning a rental property is a great way to make some easy income. However, managing that property can be a challenge, especially if you have multiple properties you're trying to keep track of. is a professional rental property manager in Jackson, TN, so that you can relax and enjoy passive income while we take care of the management side of things for you. Benefits of Hiring a Property Manager You may think that hiring property management services isn't worth the money, but there are several factors that make the investment worthwhile. First, we offer different plans with different prices so that you can get the services you need for a price that you'll love. Second, property management comes with a whole host of benefits that you won't get otherwise: You get marketing: With our help, you can market and advertise your property on dozens of websites. This helps spread the word about your property and minimizes vacancy time, which saves you money. You get the right tenants: Dealing with troublesome tenants is a pain, so let us screen potential tenants for you. We do credit, criminal, and background checks on all applicants to ensure that anyone who moves in will treat your property with respect. You don't have to worry: Our team handles everything from the initial setup services, such as tours, lease preparation, and rekey services, to the management services, such as billing, direct deposits, and monthly statements. Our plus and premium plans come with even better features, such as quarterly maintenance inspections and eviction protection. ​ Enjoy the benefits of renting out your properties without any of the hassle. Benefits of Hiring Us We take pride in offering reliable, transparent, and professional services for our clients. We are dedicated to quality property management, and we guarantee that you'll love working with us. Give us a call at (731) 410-7800 to get started.

  • Service Plans |

    Service Plans No Cost to Signup STANDARD PLAN Always included: Advertising on 40+ Websites Paid Premium Listings on Zillow Virtual Tours Self-Guided Showings Professional Application Screening Established Underwriting Guidelines Credit, Criminal, Eviction Background checks Lease Preparation Move-In / Move-Out Coordination Online Access Paperless (Online Document Storage) Direct Deposit of Rent Monthly Statements Rekey locks at move-in and move-out for $4 per key 89 $ 99 Per unit, per month* 199 $ 99 Lease Up Fee PLUS PLAN Includes all features of the Standard Plan in addition to Quarterly Maintenance Inspections using our 100 point checklist Rent Ready Inspections In-Person Showings during 30-days prior to move-out 119 $ 99 Per unit, per month* 99 $ 99 Lease Up Fee PREMIUM PLAN Includes all features of the Standard & Plus Plans in addition the following Eviction Protection Annual Owner Statement Custom Reports Mortgage Bill-Pay Property Tax Bill-Pay 149 $ 99 0 $ 00 Lease Up Fee Per unit, per month* Easy to Switch call for THE passworD then click signup (731) 410-7800 SIGNUP NOW Plan Details STANDARD PLAN ALWAYS INCLUDED:​ ​ ​ Advertising on 40+ Websites Vacancies are advertising on over 40 different websites! ​ Paid Premium Listings on Zillow We pay for marketing on Zillow to get the best exposure Virtual Tours If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million! This allows applicants to preview before scheduling an appointment. ​ Self-Guided Showings Our digital lockboxes produce one-day codes that allow applicants to tour vacant properties from 7am to 9pm, 7 days a week. Occupied homes require in-person showings. ​ Self-Guided Showings Enter your answer here ​ Credit, Criminal, and Eviction Background checks" We don't just check credit. We pull criminal and eviction backgrounds too! ​ Lease Preparation Applicants can click-to-sign our attorney reviewed lease 24/7 ​ Coordination of Tenants for Move-In Great tenants aren't born. They are developed. We educate our tenants on how to properly care for the building materials that are present in each home. ​ Online Access for Owner & Tenant Secure login with Two-Factor Authentication Direct Deposit of Rent Direct deposit of rent by the 15th of the month Monthly Statements Clean and concise Owner Statements copies of receipts and with links to watch videos of the work performed ​ Online Document Storage We store all your documents in a single location and give you 24/7 access ​ ​ Rekey locks between tenants We rekey Kwikset Smart Locks after every move-in & move-out PLUS PLAN INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING IN ADDITION TO THE STANDARD PLAN FEATURES: ​ Quarterly Maintenance Inspections Our Preventive Maintenance Inspection helps identify issues before they become problems. We post the completed checklist and a video in your portal to share the findings. There's no guarantee we'll catch everything because some issues don't surface until it's too late, but these inspections have saved us tens of thousands on our own rental portfolio and we're confident they will work for your rental home too. ​ Pre-Move-Out Inspections The goal of the Rent Ready Inspection is to minimize vacancy during turnover. Once a move-out notice is received, we inspect the home with the tenant to identify repairs that need to be addressed before move-out. This increases out chances of having the home in a "Rent Ready" (move-in) condition the day after they move out. ​ In-Person Showings The goal of in-person showing is to reduce vacancy. If substantial changes aren't required, we will show a property in-person during the last 30 days of a tenant's lease. This helps us find the next tenant with less vacancy then when we wait for the tenant to move out first. If a qualified applicant has not signed a lease by the time the home becomes vacant, we will install a CodeBox lockbox and allow self-guided showings. PREMIUM PLAN INCLUDES THE FOLLOWING PLUS EVERYTHING IN THE STANDARD AND PLUS PLANS: ​ Eviction Protection Expenses add up during an eviction: Delinquency, repairs, court fees, attorney fees, etc. We can't pay the rent or repairs, but we pay attorney fees and court costs associated with an uncontested eviction. Only available for tenants that have undergone our screening process. Mortgage Bill-Pay Now that you get custom monthly reports, we tie it all together by paying the mortgage and tax bills, so all expenses appear on a single Owner Statement for your CPA. Landlord is responsible for verifying that the mortgage company will accept checks by mail, without the monthly statement. We write the loan # and property address in the memo so they can identify. So far all banks have approved this. Property Tax Bill-Pay When we pay the property taxes, that expense lands on your reports! everything in a single place. Custom Reports Get custom reports that your CPA and bankers will love like Rent Rolls, etc. Annual Owner Statement In addition to the monthly Owner Statements, we will publish an annual Owner Statement to your portal. This reduces the work on required by you and your CPA. Easy to Switch call for THE passworD then click signup (731) 410-7800 SIGNUP NOW

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    Owner Portal Login Click to log in and set up your portal LOGIN How to setup your portal for the first time The Owner Portal is self-explanatory but sometimes it helps to have directions so here's a tutorial: SETUP

  • Insurance - Vendors |

    Subcontractor Insurance Requirements All individuals and entities that perform work on our properties must carry general liability and either workers comp or an exemption form if they have no employees Please read below and forward this page to your insurance agent so they can upload documents that satisfy the below ​ Please note that we do not allow our Subcontractors to sub-out work. We act as teh general contractor and work directly with the individual or company that is performing the work. GENERAL LIABILITY Certificate of Insurance listing Manager as Additional Insured Copy of the Additional Insured Endorsement Minimum $1,000,000 limit Must include coverage for Products and Completed Operations. WORKERS COMP Certificate of Insurance Manager as certificate holder or if subcontractor works alone (without helpers or subcontractors), then upload a copy of the Workers Comp' Exemption Form that was fielded with the Secretary of State. If you haven't filed one yet, here's the link: ADDITIONAL INSURED WORDING RELOGIC, Inc.; DBA: and its affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, parent corporations, owners, dba’s, directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives and the owners of the properties under its management. 49 Buttonwood Drive #B Jackson, TN 38305 Upload Property Owner Name Name of the person uploading the form Phone of the person uploading the form Email of the person uploading the form Before uploading, please review your documents and confirm the following requirements: I confirm that the column in the Commercial General Liability row titled "ADDL INSD" does have an "X" in the box I confirm the limit of liability on the cert is $1,000,000 or greater I confirm the additional insured on the cert matches the wording listed above I confirm that I am uploading the Additional Insured Endorsement along with the Cert in a single upload (If not, I will wait and upload both at the same time) By checking, I agree to share my form responses. CLICK TO UPLOAD Upload Certificate of Insurance Upload Additional Insured Endorsement Upload Work Comp Cert or Exemption Form Submit Thank you for uploading your insurance paperwork We'll be in touch shortly

  • Pet Policy |

    Pet Policy Read the rental ad for each property to see if the owner allows pets. Age Requirement Pets must be at least 1 year old & house-broken Guidelines Violating the Pet Policy will result in a $250 Lease Violation Fee billed monthly, per pet until the issue is corrected or the eviction is processed Manager approval is required for all pets including mammals, reptiles, birds, fish, insects, arachnids, etc. before occupancy. Approval is at the discretion of the Manager. Resident is responsible to inform the Manager of any change in pets prior to occupancy. Pet Rent will be amended if pet is approved. Any damage to the Premises caused by a pet or any aquarium leak must be immediately repaired, cleaned and/or replaced at Resident’s expense including but not limited to damaged flooring, doors, trim, windows blinds, cabinets, etc. Must protect home & especially carpet from odor, infestation, and stains. Have carpet professionally cleaned annually. Must change air filters monthly or every other week if required by manager. Dogs and cats must be house-broken and capable of using a Dog-door / Cat-door. Cats and dogs must be neutered / spayed and vaccinated. Aquariums with a capacity of greater than 10 (ten) gallons are prohibited. The breeding of animals is prohibited. Reports of excessive animal noise such as barking dogs or loud cats, birds, etc. will be grounds for the Manager’s withdrawal of permission and pets will need to vacate immediately. Pet owners must ensure the proper disposal of a deceased animal according to local regulations. Burial of deceased pet on the property grounds is strictly prohibited. When outdoors, all pets must be on a leash and under control of mature and responsible individuals, unless the dog is the fenced backyard. Pets may not be tethered or left unattended outside at any time, other than in the fenced backyard. The Resident agrees to clean and properly dispose of all pet waste daily, both inside and outside the dwelling. The Resident agrees not to leave food or water for their pet or any other animal outside their dwelling where it may attract other animals. Prohibited Dog Breeds The following dog breeds are not allowed at any time, whether owned or brought by a guest: Akita American Bully American Pit Bull Terrier American Staffordshire Terrier Chow Chow Doberman Pinscher Dogo Argentino (Argentinean Mastiff) English Bull Terrier Fila Brasileiro (Brazilian Mastiff) Japanese Tosa (Japanese Mastiff) Perro de Presa Canario or Presa Canario (Canary Mastiff) Rottweiler Staffordshire Bull Terrier Any mixed breed dog that contains any amount of these breeds If Manager, in sole its judgment, considers a pet to be dangerous or a nuisance, Manager will serve Resident with a 10-day notice to permanently remove the pet from the Premises. If the pet is found on the Premises any time after the 10-day notice ends, the Resident will then be in breach of the Lease and will face eviction. Pet Rent Pet rent applies to all properties that allow pets but only for dogs & cats. The concept on charging pet rent to accumulate funds to make the rentals more pet friendly by installing doggie doors, fences and pet tolerant flooring, not to cover pet damage. These additions will cost around ten thousand dollars so it takes time for the landlord to build up reserves. Just because pet rent applies, does not guarantee that the upgrades will be made while you live there. The Resident is responsible for paying monthly rent per each cat and dog in addition to rent If allowed, cats of all sizes are $49 per month Pet Rent for dogs is based on weight There is no additional rent for rodents, amphibians, reptiles or fish Pet rent will be added mid-lease if pets are acquired mid-lease Prohibited Pets Poisonous species Exotic animals or livestock Dangerous animals Any pet with a bite history Any pet that has been declined for insurance coverage for any reason Pet Change Request Form Click here to update the pets in your home REQUEST FORM