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Owner Statements

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Owner Statement?

  • The Owner Statement is a simple list of all debits & credits per property during a given time period. It's not a profit and loss statement. It's just a summary of transactions.

  • We attach receipts & invoices to the PDF when we able to capture them in PDF form. Appfolio isn't capable of attaching JPG & other picture formats so we try to avoid this whenever possible.

What day of the month are statements issued?

  • We wait until around the 20th of the month to issue the direct deposit so rent payments have time to to clear or return NSF.

  • Statements are issued a day or two after the direct deposit.  This allows owners to see the deposit itself and all the transactions that have an affect.

  • The date range will be from the end date of the last statement to yesterday.

Can you issue an annual statement?

Some Management Plans include an Annual Owner Statement, which is published in January. If you plan does not, you can order an annual statement using the request form below or upgrade to a Management Plan that does & take advantage of the benefit immediately. 

Annual Owner Statement Request Form 

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