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Frequently Asked Questions

Can someone at help me login?

For security reasons, Appfolio limits our access to the tenant portal.  We can see certain things but have no control of the access, or functionality, and can't view/update settings, banking info, etc. 

Contacting Appfolio

Appfolio does not have a direct line to call for support. It regularly take a week or three to get a response from tech support because of all the new users following the pandemic.  The following was provided by Appfolio the last time a tenant had trouble with their login...




Reset Password
Login issues are usually caused by:

  • Incorrect password.  Solution: Click Password Rest.

  • Attempting to sign in with an email that's different than the email used when the lease was signed. Solution: Use the correct email.

  • Using Internet Explorer and Safari web browsers.  These have been known to cause issues. Solution: Use Google Chrome.

Create New Account with a different email address

  • If you still can't log in, use the form below to submit a request to our processor to have your old login deleted and a new login created.  

  • Use a NEW email address.

  • You will not lose your info in Appfolio.

  • You will receive text & email notifications when it's ready for you to create your new password and log in.

(Update Appfolio Login)

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