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During Move-In

Turn on utilities the day before your lease begins, even if your Move-In isn't scheduled that day.

Our Coordinator is not allowed to do a Move-In if the utilities have not been scheduled to be turn on.

If the utility company requires a copy of your lease, you can download a PDF in in Appfolio. Click PROPERTY DETAILS tab. Then in the Leases section, click DOWNLOAD PDF.

If you forget to activate before your lease begins, it's not a big deal. When our bookkeeper receives utility bills, they prorate the bill between the new/old tenants or between the new tenant/landlord based upon the lease term. This makes it fair for everyone and removes some of the coordination and pressure. A $20 Billing Fee is charged for each bill charged to your account.


Do not turn off utilities until the day after the lease expires.


  • $100 Lease Violation Fee +​

  • Cost of the utilities +

  • $20 Billing Fee is per bill.


Bad things happen when utilities are off: 

  • FREEZER DEFROST: Melting ice leaks onto the floor. This can ruin hardwood and Pergo in just a few hours. The repairs can cost thousands.

  • FREEZING PIPES: Without heat in the winter, pipes will freeze and burst. This can flood the home and ruin cabinets, flooring, etc. Repairs can be $10k to $30k. We've seen it happen. 

  • HUMIDITY: The AC is a dehumidifier. Without the AC, mold will start growing in just a few days. This is called a "Humidity Bloom", a sudden growth of mold within a living space due to the elevation of indoor relative humidity at or above 60 percent relative humidity for a period of time greater than 72 hours. It doesn't just grown on the surfaces. At this level, moisture enters the building products like drywall & cabinets. The only cure is to remove & replace. 

You will be responsible for the cost to repair all damage associated with the lack of utilities. 

Local Utility Companies


Jackson Energy Authority


8:00-6:00, Mon-Fri

2030 Pleasant Plains Ext.; Jackson, TN 38305

(731) 422-7500

Southwest Tennessee Electric Membership Corp

8:00-5:00, Mon-Fri

1590 Hwy 70 E; Jackson, TN 38305

(731) 427-3311

Solid Waste Convenience Centers

Garbage pick up is probably available.  Call JEA. These are free disposal centers:

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Gibson Electric Membership Corp

7:30-4:30, Mon-Fri

1207 S College St; Trenton, TN 38382

(731) 855-4660

Gibson County Utilities

8:00-4:30, Mon-Fri

1300 N Highway 45 By-Pass; Trenton, TN 38382

(731) 855-1441

Jackson Energy Authority


8:00-6:00, Mon-Fri

2030 Pleasant Plains Ext; Jackson, TN 38305

(731) 422-7500

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 


Ripley Power & Light

7:00-5:00, Mon-Thurs

7:00-4:30, Fri

409 Church St; Halls, TN 38040

(731) 635-2323

Ripley Gas & Water

7:30-5:00, Mon-Thurs

7:30-4:30, Fri

116 Church St; Ripley, TN 38063

(731) 635-1212

Pilot Lights

Tenants are responsible for lighting pilot lights. We recommend calling the gas company. They generally light pilot lights for free and they do a quick safety check before lighting. 

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