Work Orders

and Vendor Payables

Working on a Team

Communication is simple when you work face-to-face with a homeowner who can see your work in person and hand you a check once the work is complete.  Most people can handle verbal in-person communication.

Verbal communication is not efficient when working on rentals because there are multiple people involved.

(Tenant, Manager, Contractor, Bookkeeper, & Property Owner)   

The goal of our process is to provide the info that each person needs in an efficient, accurate, & replicable manner.  For example:

  • Manager approves and assigns Work Orders

  • Contractor schedules with Tenant directly

  • Contractor delivers an invoice that explains to Property Owner what was accomplished

  • Bookkeeper pays Contractor & includes the invoice in the monthly Owner Statement

If we get this right, the owner will not need to call to ask questions about the work performed.  That's why it's created the procedures.

Work Order Procedures


  • We will email you a PDF of the Work Order once assigned

  • High-volume vendors get a weekly report of all open Work Orders


  • Manager & Vendor are not authorized to perform work if the total cost of time & material exceeds $500

  • Jobs that cost more than $500 must be bid between multiple Vendors. 

  • If we email you a Work Order and upon arrival, you determine that the job will cost more than $500.  Do not start work.  Email a bid to our office.  Manager will reply to that email with "APPROVED".  No response to your email means Not Approved.

  • If you take action without receipt of the "APPROVED" email, we can not pay you for the work.


  • Per the Uniform Residential Landlord and Tenant Act of Tennessee, the landlord/manager (and therefore the maintenance team) must give 24-hour notice to tenants before arriving at the property.

  • Manager requires Vendors to schedule a time directly with tenants for the tenant to let you in to do the work.  Manager does not schedule appointments for Vendor.

  • Vendor cannot bill the landlord for scheduling errors or missed appointments regardless of cause.

  • Do not enter a property without at least one of the tenants listed on the work order being present.
  • For exterior work, just call or email the Tenant to notify them that you will perform work on the exterior of the property, that you don't need interior access, and they don't need to be home.

  • If you can't reach the tenant, notify us so we can get involved.


  • Take before & after pictures to show the landlord what you accomplished

  • Attach before & after pics to the Work Order in Appfolio.


  • Read the work order & complete the work as described

  • If you have questions, call Kyle




  • Cover your boots with disposable booties so you don't track stuff in the home.

  • Vacuum and sweep up any mess

  • Remove all trash when you leave.  Small trash can go in the tenant's garbage but large objects must be removed.

  • The tenant shouldn't have to do any work after you leave


  • Describe the work you accomplished on your invoice.  The landlord will get a copy of our invoice.

  • Email your invoice to our office.


  • Bills

    • Bills are created daily based on the invoices received

    • Invoices that require follow-up questions take longer because Manager will need time to follow up with Vendor.

  • Payables

    • Our bookkeeper processes Vendor Payables once per week.  This automatically includes all Invoices for all Vendors.

    • If total payables are less than $250, they will be combined with next week's payables to reduce the direct deposit processing fees charged to the Manager by Appfolio.

Vendor Basics


  • Treat the tenant with kindness & respect.  

  • If they don't treat you that way, alert us and we will deal with them.



  • Vendors are subcontractors hired to perform a specific task and not authorized to commit us to perform any work other than that which is listed in the work order.

  • Vendors are not authorized to communicate with Tenants about anything other than explaining the work that was completed.

  • If the tenant asks you to do more work than what's on the Work Order, tell them to contact us.

  • Do not explain ​If the Tenant has questions, tell them to contact us.

Apppfolio Video Tutorial

Watch how to sign in to Appfolio and add a link to your phone