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Property Change

When do I need to inform you that I want to switch to another home?

Once your application is approved, you'll get a link to Request a Lease. That request form has a field to choose an available property.

Should I also tell you now?

You can but it's not required & honestly it has no effect. The only time it matters is when you Request a Lease.

If I want to reassign my application now, how do I do it?

  1. Choose one of the available properties. All available homes are listed on our vacancies page.

  2. Submit the request form below.

Will this reserve the home for me?

No. The only way to reserve a home is to sign a lease, pay the deposit, & start paying rent.


Property Change


Please refrain from submitting multiple requests, as your request will be sent to the back of the queue.




Applicant Full Name

Last 4 of your social security # for verification

Address of the new property

Do not use this field

Do not use this field


This is a legally binding document. By clicking “Sign and Accept”, you agree that you have the authority to enter into the agreement and are creating your electronic signature and signing the document just as if you had used a pen to ink sign the document.


This can take a minute or two depending on the amount of data you're uploading & your internet speed.


Once you click submit, the button will turn grey while uploading. You'll see a pop-up confirmation once the form has been submitted.


Do not click back or anything else.

Do not use this field

Do not use this field

Do not use this field

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