Subcontractor Insurance


All individuals and entities that perform work on our properties must carry general liability and either workers comp or an exemption form if they have no employees


Please read below and forward this page to your insurance agent so they can upload documents that satisfy the below

Please note that we do not allow our Subcontractors to sub-out work.  We act as teh general contractor and work directly with the individual or company that is performing the work.


  • Certificate of Insurance listing Manager as Additional Insured

  • Copy of the Additional Insured Endorsement

  • Minimum $1,000,000 limit

  • Must include coverage for Products and Completed Operations.




  • Certificate of Insurance Manager as certificate holder

  • or if subcontractor works alone (without helpers or subcontractors), then upload a copy of the Workers Comp' Exemption Form that was fielded with the Secretary of State.  If you haven't filed one yet, here's the link:




RELOGIC, Inc.; DBA: and its affiliates, subsidiaries, partners, parent corporations, owners, dba’s, directors, officers, employees, agents, representatives and the owners of the properties under its management. 

49 Buttonwood Drive #B

Jackson, TN 38305


Before uploading, please review your documents and confirm the following requirements:

Upload Certificate of Insurance
Upload Additional Insured Endorsement
Upload Work Comp Cert or Exemption Form